Around Town -- Again and Again

I've posted about Again and Again before.  It's one of my very favorite Dallas shopping destinations.  They've just moved, and are now on Riverfront, if you're here in Dallas.  When I shop, I don't always think about taking blog photos, but I walked in the door of Again and Again Saturday and immediately wanted to take pics.  

Can you believe this table base?  Waaay too awesome for my house.

I would love this in my living room.  My in the future much cooler living room.

I love this in white, but it's fun to imagine it in other colors, too.

These pagoda mirrors are incredible.  And there's a pair.  My daughter was with me, and thought it was very cute to insert her arm in my photo (mirror on the left).

We went before everything had been moved from the other location.  I'll have to run in again soon to see what I missed.  Their website is worth checking out, too.  See it here.  Do you see anything here you like?