Around Town || Blue Print Store

Here are my photos from a recent trip to Blue Print Store.  I can't decide whether I'm more excited about the interior design, the art, or the architectural details, so I'm sharing it all.

Here's a gorgeous Kerry Steele painting I spotted while I was there. My photo doesn't do it justice.  The colors are spectacular.

Is this not the most lovely shop you've ever seen?  Everything here is beautifully done.  If you've not seen Blue Print's blog, you should.  It's as pretty as the store, and you can see it here.

I hope to see you at The Blue and White Bash this Monday.  Link up your new or your existing blue and white post and join the party!  

Blue Print and Collins Interiors

These photos are from Blue Print, an amazing and unique shop here in Dallas.  It's located inside a lovely old house with high ceilings and fabulous architectural details.  You can see from the photos, that what is a business, feels more like a beautiful home.  

What I didn't know is that the talented designers who created Blue Print also have an interior design firm called Collins Interiors.  The photos below are from their portfolio.

I think their work is gorgeous, and want to just go hang out in the unbelievably gorgeous store.  I love the eclectic, clean, but well layered look they create.  What are your thoughts?

Happy Friday!