Artist Christina Baker || Pink!!

Garden Party

Garden Party is the breathtaking painting I received in the mail Tuesday.  It's a thank you gift from Christina Baker, and I cannot express how grateful I am, or how much I love it.  If you could see how much time I'm spending just gazing upon it you'd have a good understanding : )

Little Guitars

Lipstick Love

Cake Batter

The three above are a few that I had shared here at TPP in September of 2013.

In Light of Love

If Her Heart Could Sing

Lost Letter

Then, in March, I saw that Christina was painting in pinks (oh, so excited!) and shared the three above here.

Garden Party

So, back to my new painting.  Can you even believe the loveliness?  Both of the painting itself, and of Christina to send it to me?  The colors Christina thinks to combine are genius and just to die for beautiful.  The way she uses light colors and blends them is  nothing short of ethereal.  The balance of stronger color with the pale is elegant.  Can you tell I'm a huge fan? 

close-up from Garden Party

close-up from Garden Party

I took a couple of phone photos to show the work close up.  Aren't these colors magical?  Thank you so very much, Christina.  I'll treasure this!

You can learn more about Christina on her site, and also see and shop her work at Gregg Irby Fine Art.

Pink Christina Baker Paintings

"If Her Heart Could Sing"

One of my very favorite artists EVER has started painting in pinks! These beyond beautiful paintings are by Christina Baker, who I've featured before here.  Can you imagine how happy and excited I was when I saw one of these on Instagram last week?  I emailed Christina right away to  ask if she'd done any others. I was thrilled to hear that she had painted three.  And, she was generous enough to send me the images so that I could share them with you. They're available at Gregg Irby Fine Art.  

"Lost Letter"

"In Light of Love"

Breathtaking, right?  I want all three!

Artist Christina Baker

Lipstick Love

I'm so excited to share some of artist Christina Baker's paintings with you today.  My friend, Kerry Steele, introduced me to Christina's work knowing I'd love it.  I think that every single one of these is beautiful beyond words, and at some point, I'm going to own a Christina Baker painting. 

Little Guitars

Lavender Lullabies

Cake Batter


Retail Therapy

My Favorite


Midnight Me

Christina is represented by Gregg Irby Fine Art, and you can see more of her amazing work here.

Isn't her work absolutely gorgeous? These are all amazingly lovely, but I do have a favorite.  It's Lipstick Love.  I'm just dying over the pinks, corals and peach colors in that painting.  Do you have a favorite?