Blue and White Monday

A page from my newest interior design book and the cover below

The photographs in this book of The Greenbrier and The Grand Hotel, are incredible.  Carleton Varney redecorated both, and he includes interesting information about the historic hotels. 

This is a photo from the book of the casino bar at The Greenbrier.  

Kristen, of the blog Steel Magnolia, visited The Greenbrier for her anniversary and sent me this picture to show the unbelievable scale of the temple jars.  You can see photos from her trip here.  

I changed the prints in my breakfast room this weekend.  I didn't take a photo of the opposite wall, but there are four different prints there.  What was there before were ginger jars in different colors.  I loved them, but it's fun to have a change!  And I'm liking the more limited colors in this room.  Happy Monday!