Nick Olsen in Veranda

The three photos above are in the July/August Veranda.  I mentioned in my post yesterday that there's a feature in Veranda of a NYC apartment done by Grant K. Gibson.  Well, that was just wrong.  And, as I typed that, I knew it was Nick Olsen.  I've learned recently that when I'm tired, my typing fingers don't always have a good connection with my brain.  So, just want to say that the feature is Nick Olsen, and it's amazing.  These photos don't even show my favorites.  Seriously, if you haven't seen this issue, it's incredible.

This map shows why I was tired and made the giant mistake yesterday.  We drove our daughter to camp over the weekend.  We drove from Dallas to North Michigan which was 1300ish miles each way.  Clearly, my husband and I haven't come to terms with our age.  We are living in the past to believe this would not be a big deal.  Now we know, and are exhausted from the lesson.  However, it really was nice to see so much of Michigan.  I hadn't been before, and it's absolutely beautiful.  As Dallas is very hot and basically unbearable, the cooler temperatures were quite refreshing.

Please be sure to come back tomorrow to see my One Room Challenge progress!