One Room Challenge Family Room Redux Week Three

I'm participating in the Thursday group One Room Challenge created by Linda at

Calling It Home

, and am working on the family room in our house. To catch up, see

Weeks One



Of the many times I've shared this space, I've purposefully omitted a rather large and unfortunate element.  It came with the house, and I should have done something about it years ago.  

I've never pointed the camera up toward the ceiling.  Why would I? I'm not worried about stepping on toes here.  I know I'm not the only one with this ceiling fan, but I'm confident that anyone reading an interior design blog who also has one of these is aware that it's not pretty.

I've kept it because it's hot here in Dallas during the summer, and there are times that we use it.  However, I've recently come to the long overdue conclusion that the amount of time we don't use it is significantly greater than the amount of time we do.  Why should this be part of the room all year long when it's so rarely used?  I'm having it removed and replaced it with a chandelier.  For those unbearably hot days, I'll have a tower fan I can pull out of a closet and then put back away again easily. I haven't chosen one yet. If you have one you like, please let me know.

This one

gets great reviews and looks far more attractive than most.

This one

gets good reviews, is less good looking, but is about a fifth of the other's price.

Never have I participated in an ORC where I've procrastinated as much as this.  I don't know what will replace the fan, but I'd better decide something very soon.  Please tell me your thoughts on the following.

Or, I already have something very similar to this brass Williamsburg chandelier that could be lacquered in white and save tons of money.  What would you do?  After

this past fall's One Room Challenge where Coleen Rider from Coleen & Company

made a custom pagoda lantern for my entry, none of these feel nearly as exciting.  

When I worked in this room three years ago, much of it was easy. Choosing fabric for the windows, furniture, and pillows didn't make me a bit nervous. Neither did finding accessories or window hardware. What intimidates me is the styling.  I asked a talented lady come to help me with the bookcases the last time.  I should have asked her to style the coffee table, too.  

This time around, I feel exactly the same.  I've pulled so many things out of the bookcases, but lack the confidence to start arranging.  I may just wing it and hope for the best, or bring in help again.  You can see in this photo that the coffee table is a little uninspired.  What should happen instead though, is beyond me. I know

this amazingly incredible coffee table book

(which is also my pick for the absolute most perfect Mother's Day gift) will be prominently displayed. 

There's so much more going on in this room and I'll be sharing more next week. Now, go to

Calling It Home

to see the unbelievable number of other interior projects taking place all over the country as a part of The One Room Challenge.  

Bookshelves: One Room Challenge Week Two


You know that feeling when you have to have a new hairstyle

right this minute

?  That's how I'm feeling about the bookshelves in my family room. While there's nothing about them that's particularly bothering me, changes must happen soon. 

my family room

I'm linking up to

Calling it Home's ORC Thursday event

along with many others who will be transforming a room over six weeks.  It's Week Two, and I'm busy working on the bookshelves.  Books are very important at our house, but the last time I worked in this room I removed many of them from the bookcases.  I miss having them there, and will be adding some back.  Bookshelves are hard for me, and finding the right balance between books and objects is not my strong suit.  Help will be required.  


These gorgeous images are inspiring me, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of my


books in this room again.  

Be sure to go




to see more room transformations in progress.

One Room Challenge Family Room Redux

west wall

My Family Room Space:  The Designal Frontier

This is the journey of the Starship ORC.  Its six week mission:  to explore new methods of spending money, to seek out unique and fabulous accessories, to boldly post where most bloggers have never posted before.

south wall

north wall

west wall

"Frontier" may not be exactly accurate, since our family room was my June 2012 One Room Challenge project.  And, for the record, I've never been a Star Trek girl.  My ADD brain would prefer to procrastinate by churning out absurd juxtapositions rather than create the ORC action plan this room requires.


This will be my seventh ORC, and I'm sooooo excited to be participating with the amazingly talented bloggers linking up on

Calling It Home


When I redesigned this room the first time, I ignored an entire wall (east wall, not pictured), and hoped no one would notice.  It's a problematic wall that I still find daunting.  Hopefully, a wonderful solution will present itself very soon.

Some of the elements I chose for this room I no longer find terribly appealing.  That my tastes evolve and change is an annoying occurrence that I regret, but my husband regrets more. Some elements I still love, but they're just not working optimally in this room.  

Our family spends most of our time here -- it's our casual living area.  I intend to


finish the troublesome end of this room, and make the changes that will keep me satisfied for at least another three years : )

Be sure to go see the infinite interior design inspiration at Calling It Home's One Room Challenge Thursday Event



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One Room Challenge Final Week

Welcome to TPP.  I'm so happy you've come to see what we did in my daughter's room for The One Room Challenge.  If you're new, you can see Weeks 1-5 here.  The One Room Challenge was created by Linda, and I'm very appreciative to have been included. My fifteen-year-old daughter and I had so much fun doing this together.  Albertina, from Mimosa Lane, took all of the "after" photographs. The "before" photos were taken with my phone and it shows.  Thank you so much, Albertina, for doing the photography! I'm excited to have such beautiful photos to share.


The painting was commissioned from Kerry Steele, and you can read more about it here and here.

The pendant shades are from IKEA and are covered with  custom fabric from sparrowsong.

Go here to read more about having the afghan made.



Slipcovered IKEA Chair


We added these IKEA mirrors and had the thermostat moved.



To read more about the gallery wall go here.

So, there you have it.  All done.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped create things for this room. My daughter and I loved having so many things created especially for this space.  And thank you, Linda, for including me! Having both fun and a finished room is something about which to be very, very happy.

Do not miss these ladies' amazing spaces:

Photography by Albertina from Mimosa Lane.

Sparrowsong Fabrics

This is a piece of one of the sparrowsong fabrics used in my daughter's room.  She and I have just finished redoing her room for The One Room Challenge.  Tomorrow, I'll be sharing photos of the room here on TPP. Today, I'm wanting to share my experience with sparrowsong.  My daughter has pendant lights over her nightstands, and we wanted to cover them with a really fun, fantastic pattern.  I had the idea of a huge scale navy and white chrysanthemum pattern, and asked Amy, at sparrowsong, if she'd create it for me.  I sent her an inspiration photo with some thoughts, and she came up with this.  My daughter and I couldn't be more thrilled.

This pillow is 20 inches wide, so that gives you a good idea of the scale of the pattern.  We did use this to cover the shades, and they are amazing. They're one of our favorite parts of the redesign.  We both appreciate sparrowsong taking the time to create this pattern. Her fabrics are available through Spoonflower, and I only needed two yards.  In other words, this wasn't a huge windfall for her.  She also custom colored another fabric that I've included below.  That one can have a fabric custom designed or custom colored is incredible, don't you think?  Just think of the possibilities!  Below, I'm sharing just a fraction of the fabric choices in her Spoonflower shop.  

This is the one (above) that Amy custom colored for us.  We used it for pillow shams, and they're perfect for the room.

Sparrowsong isn't a sponsor of TPP.  I just want to share this resource with you as I'm so impressed with what Amy did for us.  I hope you'll come back tomorrow so that you can see photos of the room. Amy's fabrics are gorgeous in there!

One Room Challenge Week Five

Welcome to Week Five of my ORC.  The One Room Challenge is Linda's creation where a group of bloggers design a room in 6 weeks.  You're visiting at the point in the challenge where I'm in full panic mode.  Click on the links below to catch up if you're new.

This is my fifteen-year-old daughter's room before we got started.

Same nightstand, but playing with a little styling now.

We're still working on the gallery wall.  Here it is last week.

And here it is this week.  I'm waiting on a couple of things to arrive in the mail for these empty frames.

I made eight of the prints.  The other prints and paintings are below.

Lots of Irish heritage : )

Big HP fan.

Waiting for Kerry's painting on paper.  These colors will be great in the room.

I emailed this photo of Sugar

to September Studio, and she created this.  My daughter thought she was too cool for a portrait of her dog until she saw it.  

Deer is the animal du jour around here.  She loves this print,

and these from Delightfully Modern, which we'll probably use on the dresser.

And, here's the desk chair.  It's from IKEA, and we had a slipcover made. 

I still have lots of ground to cover before the room is photographed.  And I'm very, very excited about the photography. I have a friend you may know who's coming to take the pictures. Please come back next week to see everything finished (HOPEFULLY)!

Be sure to see what these ladies have accomplished this week:

Calling it Home