Osborne and Little's "Fez"

If you saw my post yesterday, you know that I love the fabric on this chair.  I didn't know who made it, and asked if anyone could identify.  I'm so appreciative of Junell from Seeker's Bazaar,  Nicole from Nicole Scott Designs, and Anonymous for the information.  It's Osborne and Little's "Fez."  The next three images show the other colorways.

Isn't this fabric incredible?  Alas, none of the colorways work for me.  I need just the right palette for a couple of chairs in my family room, and what I'm looking for isn't easy to find.  If anyone knows of anything with red, navy, pale blue and pinks, please let me know.  

Are any of you Lenny Kravitz fans?  I am, and I learned something surprising about him yesterday.  A friend forwarded a link from CNN of a feature of his interior design work.  This was news to me.  I had no idea that besides being a musician and acting in the Hunger Games movie, he was also very busy with interior design.  If you're interested, the video is here.  Happy Sunday!