Amanda Nisbet || Alberto Pinto

Amanda Nisbet is one of my very favorite designers.  I love her work, and her book is one that I pick up and peruse frequently. You know I'm all about pink and blue, so of course I'm DYING over this Manhattan  apartment she designed that's featured on House Beautiful.  

I've only shared three of the thirteen incredible photos of this apartment.  The entire feature is just amazing.  Go here to see.  

I adore china and haven't shared anything china related for quite awhile. These aren't new, but I had to feature them here.  The colors are soooo gorgeous.  The plate in the middle is one I can imagine with food, but the other two are pretty enough to hang as art.  They're designed by Alberto Pinto, and you can see them here.

Blue and White Monday

Meg Braff

Barclay Butera

James and Ashley Fairchild

Carolyne Roehm

Joseph Minton

Ashley Whittaker

Ruthie Sommers

Alberto Pinto

Mark Sikes

Katie Rosenfeld

Grant K. Gibson

my house

How many ginger jars is too many?  I have eight, and I'm wanting more.  How do you like to see them? In pairs?  Or, groups of differing heights?  Is there a color palette you like to see them with best?  An interior designer you think incorporates them most skillfully?  I seem to like them all, with any color, strategically placed or not, and by whomever.  Please share your thoughts?

Blue and White Memorial Day Monday

The five images above are from A Passion for Blue and White by Carolyne Roehm.

The two above are from Alberto Pinto's Table Settings.

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend.  My daughter graduated from eighth grade Friday and we are so happy to have some long overdue down time for our family.  So, would you prefer to be in one of these Carolyne Roehm settings or the beachside Alberto Pinto table?