Blue and White Monday for Summer Style

House Beautiful

Aren't these Quadrille fabrics amazing?  My friend Junell, from

Seeker's Bazaar

, sent me a link to this image knowing I'd love it.

The three images above are from an incredible condo designed by

Micky Hurley

.  I'm over the moon for the white sofa with the blue piping.  And from what I see on Pinterest, I'm not alone.

Sarah Richardson

This is from the book

Diamond Baratta Design

.  The clean crispness of this room is fantastic.

And of course these four images are from Carolyne Roehm's

A Passion for Blue and White

.  Having a picnic in Dallas isn't the least bit appealing at this point in the summer, but these photos are lovely.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Happy Monday!