Stripes and Roses


For a week, we had the gloomiest weather here. I'd forgotten how much I need to experience sunlight at least every few days. Never have I more anticipated the arrival of spring. Needing to see some green and beautiful flowers, I went to the web as nothing very inspiring is available outdoors presently.  The breathtaking image above, of Honorine de Brabant roses, from

this gorgeous Trouvais post

, captured my attention. And, from there, I went on a quest to find more images of striped roses.  


I think we've established that in the arena of interior design, we all love stripes.  But, what about on roses?  I'm a yes.  In fact, I'm a yes on pretty much every rose I see, and I'm so very ready to start seeing more of them.

In my Monday post, I mentioned a feature that I had planned to share Wednesday.  I've been a bit under the weather this week, and have neglected TPP.  I'll share it instead this coming Wednesday. I'm feeling much better now, and am on a huge tear to purge cabinets of every item that's not glued down.  Do you have this sudden urge to organize happen in January?  I see that


has been busy doing the same.  Whatever your activities this weekend, I hope you enjoy!