Sometimes, I have to take a day and share my love of pink.  Today is  one  of those  days,  and  these  are  all  from Instagram.  I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I!

by artist Christina Baker

My daughter has these pink vans, too.  They're so cute!

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Blue and White Monday from Instagram

Not much to say about this other than YES.  Instagram is amazing. These are screenshots, and I left user names on so that you'd know where these originated and how to follow.  Are you on Instagram? How often do you post something?  How often do you look at your feed?  If you're not on, why not?  

I'm so looking forward to The Blue and White Bash next Monday! If you're a blogger, read all about linking your blue and white post and joining the fun here.  Readers, bring your coffee.  You'll want to stay awhile : )


Are you on Instagram?  If you are, you know how amazing it can be.  Do you ever see something you like so much that you have to get a screenshot?  That's what these images are.  Photos that stopped me in my tracks and I just had to capture.

MM can make an Adams-style mantel and hand-painted Chinese paper look so fresh.

Pink velvet with all that blue and white?  LOVE.

It's the dragon planter I have in my store!  How fun to see it in this Parker Kennedy shot.

When am I going to get over malachite with black and gold?  I don't see it happening anytime soon.

I'm loving everything about this photo.

Erin, I'm kind of jealous of your new fabric, but I think that's the ginger jar you purchased from me so I'll get over it.

Pink Peonies.  No explanation necessary.

Could this look more clean, fresh and pretty?

Not sure which is better.  The architecture or the pink?

I want Emily Henderson's styling skills.  Now.

Just. So. Pretty.

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Blue and White Monday -- Insta Blue & White

Anna Spiro on Instagram

Home Styling on Instagram

Veranda House on Instagram

Left Lane Lauren on Instagram

The Coveteur on Instagram

Dana Mahnke on Instagram

Have you realized that Instagram is a great place to get your blue and white fix?  Aren't these photos lovely?  Instagram is still somewhat new to me, and I'm having lots of fun!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in The Blue and White Bash last Monday.  I absolutely loved seeing all of the gorgeous blue and white posts.  And, I so, so, so very much appreciated everyone who gave it a shout out.  I've decided to do it monthly, and it will be the first Monday of every month.  Because I'm grateful for all of you who link up, I'm going to randomly give away a set of Blue Willow notecards to a participant in the November Blue and White Bash.  

Go here to enter.  Happy Monday!