The Blue and White Bash + BOHO Prep Board

New Kerry Steele watercolors March 10th and some available now here

This Monday is the next Blue and White Bash. The Bash is a monthly linking party for any blogger who'd like to link a post including blue and white anything.  Here's more information, and here's where you can see the most recent Bash.  Please either link up, or come enjoy all of the gorgeousness!

I made this board on Polyvore before I knew better than use "template" instead of "set."  I'm learning and also having lots of fun.  I was building a board around this Susan Skelley painting, but it sold before I could share the board with you.  I like my board and decided to share it anyway : )

I do still have this Susan Skelley painting available which you can see more about here.

Happy Weekend!

The February Blue and White Bash

New Kerry Steele Watercolors March 10th  and some available now here

Welcome to the February Blue and White Bash!  The Bash is a monthly linking party for any blogger who'd like to link a post on blue and white anything.  Here's more information.  As you can see from the links below, there's lots of amazing participation. The next one is March 3rd.  Please either link up, or come enjoy all of the gorgeousness!

One Room Challenge Final Week

Welcome to TPP.  I'm so happy you've come to see what we did in my daughter's room for The One Room Challenge.  If you're new, you can see Weeks 1-5 here.  The One Room Challenge was created by Linda, and I'm very appreciative to have been included. My fifteen-year-old daughter and I had so much fun doing this together.  Albertina, from Mimosa Lane, took all of the "after" photographs. The "before" photos were taken with my phone and it shows.  Thank you so much, Albertina, for doing the photography! I'm excited to have such beautiful photos to share.


The painting was commissioned from Kerry Steele, and you can read more about it here and here.

The pendant shades are from IKEA and are covered with  custom fabric from sparrowsong.

Go here to read more about having the afghan made.



Slipcovered IKEA Chair


We added these IKEA mirrors and had the thermostat moved.



To read more about the gallery wall go here.

So, there you have it.  All done.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped create things for this room. My daughter and I loved having so many things created especially for this space.  And thank you, Linda, for including me! Having both fun and a finished room is something about which to be very, very happy.

Do not miss these ladies' amazing spaces:

Photography by Albertina from Mimosa Lane.

One Room Challenge Week Four

Welcome to Week Four of the One Room Challenge.  If you missed Week One, go here, Week Two is here, and Week Three is here.  Linda, of Calling It Home, created and organized the ORC, and I'm happy to be participating.  The twenty bloggers seen above are redoing one room each in six weeks and posting progress every Wednesday.  The photo below is my daughter's bedroom room, and it's what she and I are working on transforming. 

The goal is to put more color, warmth and life into this room.  The words my daughter uses to describe the look she's going for are boho-ish, vintage-ish, undecorated (she means not matchy) and preppy. Hopefully, we'll achieve something that's similar to what she's imagining.  

So, the most exciting thing first. We commissioned a painting from my friend and incredibly talented artist, Kerry Steele.  Kerry talked on the phone with my daughter and asked her to choose a painting for the inspiration. She chose the above which is called "Verdant Leap."  When my daughter saw it on Kerry's site she said, "That one is so legit." Oh, did I mention my daughter's fifteen? 

Kerry has just finished the painting and sent me a photo which I photoshopped into the frame we're using.  The frame's propped up on the top of the headboard, so you can see that the size is perfect for the space.  Kerry named it "Legit," and we both absolutely LOVE it.  She'll ship it as soon as it's dry, and we cannot wait to see it in person.  I just couldn't have imagined anything better, and what an amazing experience for my daughter!  She'll keep and enjoy this painting all of her life.

The next three photos are self explanatory.

Desk chair and accessories coming soon.

Here's one of the update photos I received from Chuckie, who's making the afghan for the foot of the bed.  It's what we're using to help with the "vintage-ish" aspect of the room, and we're both excited about how it's coming along.

Here's sort of kind of what the bedding will look like.  Imagine what "Legit" will look like over the bed?!  So, so, so good.  We've got a long way to go, and a short time to get there.  Please come back next week to see what's happening!

Go here to get to Week Five.

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One Room Challenge Week Two

Welcome to Week Two of the One Room Challenge.  If you missed Week One, you can go here to catch up.  I'm so appreciative that Linda's included me in ORC.  She created and organized it, and I'm thrilled to be along for the ride.  A group of us are redoing one room each in six weeks and posting our progress every Wednesday.  The photo below is my 15-year-old daughter's room, and it's what we're (she and I are a team on this one) working on transforming.  

So much to do and so little time!  I'm trying to do the most time sensitive things first.  We thought an abstract over the bed would be perfect.  I called my friend, the very lovely and talented artist Kerry Steele, to ask if she'd be interested.  Thank goodness she is!  Kerry thought it would be fun to work with my daughter and let her commission the painting.  Kerry asked her to create a Pinterest board of abstract art, and to look through her portfolio to see if there was a painting she particularly likes.  My daughter fell in love with Kerry's painting below and asked her to create something similar with the colors she'll be using in her room. Kerry and my daughter also talked on the phone about the project. This is such an exciting experience for my daughter, as you can imagine!

Here are some of the words my daughter has used to describe the look she wants:  undecorated (meaning uncoordinated), vintage-ish, boho and preppy.  To address the vintage-ish aspect, I thought of an afghan for the foot of the bed.  I found an Etsy seller who was happy to do a custom afghan for us, and my daughter was thrilled with the idea. 

We chose some yarn at JoAnn, and some online.

We arranged the colors in the order in which we wanted them placed on the afghan, and I emailed a photo to the extremely nice and wonderful to work with Chuckie.

And, now on to fabric.  I have a bolt of solid pink that I'd intended to use for a project and didn't.  My daughter loves it, and wanted to use it in her room.  My extra-speedy and very much appreciated seamstress has already finished the bed skirt.  It's the solid below.

Since I was using a fabric I already had, I had to be able to match it for pillows.  I decided to look around on Spoonflower and found the trellis above which my daughter loves.  Only it wasn't offered in the color we needed. Amy, of sparrowsong, custom colored it for me.  She offered to change the scale, too, but we like it as is.  

Did you notice the pendant shades in the photo of my daughter's room?  I had the idea to cover them in a large scale navy and white chrysanthemum fabric.  Instead of surfing the entire internet hoping to find what I needed at a price commensurate with applying to IKEA shades, I asked Amy if she'd be willing to design something for me. Above is what she came up with, and we LOVE it!

So, custom painting, custom afghan and custom fabrics.  That kept me pretty busy this week.  Come back next week and see what's happening. We have lots more to address in this room.  Now go check out what these other busy ladies have been doing!

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The Vault Files

Also, be sure to see all the transformations going on with the One Room Challenge Linking Party tomorrow at Calling It Home.

One Room Challenge Week Three

Hello friends, I cannot believe I'm already posting Week Three of The One Room Challenge!  The time is flying.  If you are new here, see Week One here and Week Two here.  My exciting news this week is the painting above.  I've posted about my friend Kerry Steele before.  She's such a talented artist, and I love her work.  I asked her to do a commission, and she was fantastic to work with.   

The painting arrived yesterday

in this very carefully packaged crate.  Kerry was so awesome to send me photos as she worked so that I could give her color input.  I hope she is as happy with how the commission process worked as I am.  I'd love her to do another for me sometime!

So, here's the mantel before.

And here it is now.  This mantel is special to our family.  This is our third house, and this mantel was taken  from our first house.  We lived in a neighborhood in Dallas called Preston Hollow where many of the 1950s ranch houses have been torn down and replaced by gigantic McMansions.  We knew that was the fate of our house and asked the buyer if we could take the mantel from the living room.  We love that we still enjoy the same mantel in our family room now.  And I like it much better with Kerry's painting!

Here are some of the fabrics I'm considering.  And yes, I do know that it's kind of late in the game to still be considering!  Did you see my post Monday where I shared my recent custom order?  That took more than a week of working constantly, so I'm very behind on my One Room Challenge.

I'm definitely using the neutral on the sofa and chairs with the solid blue for welting.  I'm not sure if or how I'll use the large scale floral.  It's a Pindler fabric and it adds something to the room that I like.

I'm crazy for this pink fabric that my girl Junell, from Seekers Bazaar, was amazing enough to identify for me.  Not sure if I'll use it, but I hope to in some capacity.  I have several others in pinks and reds that are also in the running.  As I'm not an interior designer, any suggestions on the fabric front would be quite appreciated!  

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