Mackinac Island and The Grand Hotel

Since Wednesday I've been sharing my photos from my recent trip to Mackinac Island.  These are the last of my pictures from The Grand Hotel.

You can read about the hotel and its spectacular interiors and history here.  There are also absolutely beautiful photos in Carleton Varney's book Mr. Color

These are random photos of gorgeousness I took just walking around the island.  I had never been to Michigan and I loved being there.  The villages and towns on Lake Michigan are lovely.  I will definitely go back as soon as possible.  Happy Friday!

Mackinac Island

I mentioned last week that I'd just returned from Northern Michigan.  Our daughter went to a camp outside of Traverse City.  The end of camp pickup was a weekend long event, so we got to spend some time in Michigan and visit the delightful Mackinac Island.  Fudge is a tradition on the island, so right after we got off of the ferry we stopped here for a bite.  It was quite tasty.

I took the following photos on our walk from the ferry to The Grand Hotel.  My camera is big and heavy, so I opted for just using my iPhone.

This photo was taken from the sidewalk during our walk to the hotel and shows the shore of Lake Huron.

Walking, biking and horse and carriage are the only means of transportation on the island.  You can see a carriage above and the hotel in the distance.

Isn't it amazing?  I have far too many photos to share them all in one post.  I took dozens inside which I hope you'll come back tomorrow to see.  While the exterior of the hotel is breathtaking, the interiors are spectacular, too.