Off Topic Tuesday -- Time For New Shoes

I'm such a "uniform" girl.  When I was younger I spent more time and energy on attire and appearance. Now, I want to have a "go to" bag and pair of shoes that will work with everything, and not require much thought. I picked these up Saturday and have already worn them once. They're comfy and will work with just about everything I have. Plus, I think they're fantastic.  J. Crew comes through again. 

While I'm happy to wear animal print on shoes or a belt (not at the same time), I don't feel comfortable putting it in my house which I know puts me in the minority.   And probably makes no sense, right?  Interestingly, I had just seen and agreed completely with this post the day before spotting these shoes.  So, where are you on animal print?  Happy to have it in your house and for apparel? Neither?  One or the other? Please share.