Ranch House Renovation


see more of this newly updated space here

I’m renovating a ranch house, and oh-my-goodness it’s quite a project. Built in 1969, it was fairly typical for the time, and has not been updated since. That’s a lot of catching up to do : ). For the most part, I’ll be doing the typical remodeling you’d expect for a 48 year old ranch except for two large, less common updates. One involves the fact that there were no hardwoods anywhere.  I mean none.  Anywhere.  However, that deficiency has recently been very happily remedied, and you can read all about my new flooring here.  The other really big problem is that the entire back of the house is dark. Seriously, strangely dark. Read about this dilemma here.   

As I mentioned, this is a big project, and the images shared on this page may be for disturbing for some. Reader discretion is advised. We’ll start with the formals, which were one of the least alarming areas of the house pre-renovation and have already been completed as part of the One Room Challenge™ event. For the most part, this part of the renovation involved new flooring, the addition of mouldings, and lots of new paint

In this before shot, you can see where my daughter and I taped off boxes.  I had decided that adding mouldings would be the most attractive and impactful way to decorate the walls, and I was excited to have the opportunity to work with Metrie.

This image shows the beginning of the process of raising of the ceilings.  Go here to read more about this.

Replacing carpeting with gorgeous white oak hardwoods. Go here to read about the flooring.

Here, the paneling has been installed and primed, and it's now obvious what a huge impact the Metrie moulding creates.  Go here to read about the specific Metrie products used and how this can be replicated on your walls. To read about the paint, go here.

The rest of the house is either in the very first stages of renovation or hasn't yet been touched. Some of my renovation projects are available for you to tour below. I'll be adding others soon. I'll also be adding information here shortly about the companies I partnered with for the formals One Room Challenge™ project. Many of you are emailing asking about my experience with HomeAdvisor, and I'll be adding that soon, too.