Dorm Room Essentials

It's that time of year, and if you have a freshman heading off for college, you may be scrambling.  I was last year, and this year I still have things to do before we're ready for move-in day.  But, this year, the difference is that my daughter will be a sophomore and knows exactly what she needs. Thank goodness.  Last summer, I got some things right, and some wrong.  My biggest priority was a cozy bed that would ensure good, quality sleep.  Without that, she wouldn't be able to optimally study, and though many college freshman may forget, the ultimate goal here is to eventually graduate with reasonably good grades.  With that in mind, I spent a lot of time on bedding.

Dorm Room Must-Haves:  Comfy Bedding!  Here, Crane and Canopy's soft white Chevron Quilt is paired with a custom Afghan and an Otomi pillow.

Crane and Canopy's bedding is what I chose (she chose colors, patterns, etc., of course), and it was perfect.  She reported that it was "soft and cozy and I didn't want to get out of bed."  She did, though, thank goodness.

Dorm Room Essentials:  Comfy bedding is a must.  Crane and Canopy's sheets and quilts are super soft and comfortable.  Not to mention gorgeous and blue and white : ).

what she has:  shams, quilt, sheets

Some get a new mattress for their dorm room, but we decided not to go that route. Dealing with the old one, and storing the new one was more than I thought necessary. I purchased a zippered mattress encasement (dust mites), and a great mattress topper. The mattress topper made the dorm supplied mattress feel very luxurious, and it was much more portable than a new mattress.  When it was time to move out, we just rolled it up and put it in the car.  I did a lot of research on mattress toppers, and discovered it's all about density of memory foam and thickness.  The density needs to be at least 5 pounds, and the thickness should be 3 inches. Here's what I found for my daughter.

Below is one of the things I didn't do last year.  A reading/lounge pillow didn't occur to me.  It's now two weeks until school starts again, and my daughter has just told me that she has to have one of these; I can see how they'd be helpful, and I've added it to the to do list.  You can find them with and without removable covers.  I'm opting for the machine washable removable cover, and that's what I'm sharing below.

Dorm Room Essentials:  Reading pillows are a must-have.

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Dorm Room Essentials:  Christmas lights are for year round.  Be creative and use them for lighting and to add festivity to a dorm room.

I wish this had been a thing when I was in school.  I'm not sure which I'd enjoy more; arranging the strands or enjoying their effect.  The possibilities are endless.  This was something else I hadn't anticipated, but my daughter and her roommate made a trip to the store as it was really just mandatory.  I like these, thesethese, and these.

Dorm Room Decor:  glam desk lamp, Christmas lights, art, reading pillow, Kate Spade accessories, and a throw

throw, flamingo print, reading pillow, desk accessories, desk lamp, Christmas lights

Art on the walls makes the room much more personal and appealing. Glam desk accessories add personality, and a desk lamp is mandatory for those times when the roommate is ready for sleep, but you're still working. A reading pillow makes studying more comfy, and a throw or two will always come in handy.