One Room Challenge Week Five

Hi there — thanks so much for checking in! I’m transforming a ranch bathroom and you can catch up here, here, here, and here. I explained last week that the contractor recommended to me said he’d start three weeks ago, but didn’t UNTIL THIS WEEK. For those of you who’ve done this challenge, I know you feel my pain. I hope these guys will pull this off because I’m in actual love with the marble tile from The Tile Shop that will surround this bathroom.

bath 10.jpg

While my project will have some differences, this gorgeous bath designed by EJ Interiors has some similarities, too. It’s light and bright, and has marble tile in the shower and wainscoting around the room. I’ll also be using chrome fixtures in the sink and shower, and incorporating a bit of glamorous acrylic.

bath 11.jpg

A couple of differences will be mixed metal finishes and wallpaper. Below are some of the fantastic elements I’m so excited to be using.

accessories 2.png

lighting: Hudson Valley Lighting

wallpaper: This pattern coming soon from Milton & King.

wall art: my talented daughter : )

towel bar and door knob: Emtek

drawer pulls: Schaub and Company

mirror: Mirror Image Home

outlet: Legrand Adorne

In previous projects in this house, I replaced my old light switches and outlet covers (which were also from the late 60’s and not in a good way) with new ones from the Legrand Adorne series  and they’re fantastic. I love their clean look, and I chose the soft tap which is so easy and nice. For the bathroom, I have Adorne wall plates that are customizable with paint or wallpaper. I’ll use the wallpaper, and they look so nice and unobtrusive. Go here to learn more about updating your electrical. See the Adorne series in my house, below.


And below, you won’t believe….

progress 3.jpeg

Finally!! Some things are happening!

wedi with logo.png

Maybe you know about Wedi products, but I didn’t. Wedi makes the surface under the tile. The guys working at my house were very happy to see that I had a Wedi shower system, and their enthusiasm intrigued me. Apparently, they’re super easy to assemble and work with. They’re completely waterproof, so I’m really liking that.


Here’s an image showing a cross-section of a Wedi piece where you can see the waterproof foam. I watched them assemble it, and they used Wedi sealing tape, adhesive, etc. that when all used together create a 100% waterproof barrier. Water damage and mold issues make me a little nervous, so I’m glad not to have to worry about that in this bathroom.

progress 2.jpeg
progress 1.jpeg
progress 4.jpeg

Here it is assembled and mostly ready for tile! I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT.

Come back next week! Can’t promise every detail will be finished, but I’m hoping these guys pull through for me!! Be sure to go check out all of the amazing ORC Featured Designers!

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