Sporting Stripes

There's something about the approach of warmer weather that makes me think of stripes. Obviously, they're not seasonal, but every year about this time, I find myself even more drawn to them than usual. Yesterday, I

posted about stripes indoors

.   I thought I'd share some apparel and accessories today.  Who knows, you may see more stripes Monday : )










Happy Weekend!

Dress to Room - Fashion Week

Are you keeping up with Fashion Week?  I hadn't been, but went to


last night and was captivated by this heavenly Carolina Herrera gown.  So much so that I was inspired to do a "Dress to Room" post (the brilliant idea of

Holly Phillips

), which is a first for me.

I think this

Nancy Corzine

room is a lovely match for the gown.

And, what about this gorgeous white Carolina Herrera dress?  It's tasteful simplicity is absolute perfection.

As a fan of design in general, it's fun and very interesting to check in on Fashion Week.  I don't often see lots that I would actually wear, though, do you?  

However, these, by Oscar de la Renta, are fantastic and wearable.  I love both, but the one on the left looks possibly more comfortable. Is it the pockets?  I want it for every party I attend.