One Room Challenge Family Room Redux Week Three

I'm participating in the Thursday group One Room Challenge created by Linda at

Calling It Home

, and am working on the family room in our house. To catch up, see

Weeks One



Of the many times I've shared this space, I've purposefully omitted a rather large and unfortunate element.  It came with the house, and I should have done something about it years ago.  

I've never pointed the camera up toward the ceiling.  Why would I? I'm not worried about stepping on toes here.  I know I'm not the only one with this ceiling fan, but I'm confident that anyone reading an interior design blog who also has one of these is aware that it's not pretty.

I've kept it because it's hot here in Dallas during the summer, and there are times that we use it.  However, I've recently come to the long overdue conclusion that the amount of time we don't use it is significantly greater than the amount of time we do.  Why should this be part of the room all year long when it's so rarely used?  I'm having it removed and replaced it with a chandelier.  For those unbearably hot days, I'll have a tower fan I can pull out of a closet and then put back away again easily. I haven't chosen one yet. If you have one you like, please let me know.

This one

gets great reviews and looks far more attractive than most.

This one

gets good reviews, is less good looking, but is about a fifth of the other's price.

Never have I participated in an ORC where I've procrastinated as much as this.  I don't know what will replace the fan, but I'd better decide something very soon.  Please tell me your thoughts on the following.

Or, I already have something very similar to this brass Williamsburg chandelier that could be lacquered in white and save tons of money.  What would you do?  After

this past fall's One Room Challenge where Coleen Rider from Coleen & Company

made a custom pagoda lantern for my entry, none of these feel nearly as exciting.  

When I worked in this room three years ago, much of it was easy. Choosing fabric for the windows, furniture, and pillows didn't make me a bit nervous. Neither did finding accessories or window hardware. What intimidates me is the styling.  I asked a talented lady come to help me with the bookcases the last time.  I should have asked her to style the coffee table, too.  

This time around, I feel exactly the same.  I've pulled so many things out of the bookcases, but lack the confidence to start arranging.  I may just wing it and hope for the best, or bring in help again.  You can see in this photo that the coffee table is a little uninspired.  What should happen instead though, is beyond me. I know

this amazingly incredible coffee table book

(which is also my pick for the absolute most perfect Mother's Day gift) will be prominently displayed. 

There's so much more going on in this room and I'll be sharing more next week. Now, go to

Calling It Home

to see the unbelievable number of other interior projects taking place all over the country as a part of The One Room Challenge.  

Blue and White Monday Outdoors

 Mark D. Sikes via

One Kings Lane

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend here in Dallas with temps in the 80s and bright, sunny skies.  It looks like we're going to have lovely weather all week long, and I'm celebrating by sharing blue and white outdoors.  

 Carolyne Roehm via

The Glam Pad

 Lynn Morgan via


Charlotte Moss via


Mario Buatta via

Architectural Digest

source unknown

Blue and White Monday: Outdoor Stripes

House Beautiful April 2015

I'm still on my stripes kick over here.  Last week, I posted about both

stripes inside


striped apparel

.  Today, it's all about blue and white stripes outdoors.  These first three images are from

House Beautiful

's April issue which is absolutely packed with gorgeousness.  Not sure how many times I've looked through this magazine instead of crossing things off my "To Do" list...

via Instagram account livingindesignbyg

via Instagram account burnhamdesign

Architectural Digest

House and Garden

Williams Sonoma Home

If you're wanting to add this look to an outdoor space, the options are endless.  A

blue and white outdoor rug like this above

would create an impact.

The three pillows below

work beautifully together to create such a crisp look.

These outdoor Dransfield and Ross pillows

have been a favorite of mine for quite a while. I love a mitered stripe.

Below are options from

Target's Wickenburg Collection

.  While I like the look of a stripe with more white, I'm wondering if keeping the white minimal might be more practical for outdoors. Practicality and I are sometimes in conflict : )


chaise cushion

is one of many choices at Pottery Barn.

They also have

striped umbrella options


And, I can't leave out the ever important beach towel which is always perfect in a stripe.





Number three is from Lands End, and they're having a great sale on their beach towels right now.

Blue and White Monday with Kathleen DiPaolo

A couple of weeks ago,

Kathleen DiPaolo

was here providing insight into

Purposeful Design

.  One of the projects she mentioned was perfect for Blue and White Monday, so I asked her to come right back and share it.  Kathleen designed these interiors with what she calls an "East Coast sensibility," and I can see that. However, I grew up in Texas, and my house, and many of the houses I visited, looked very similar. English and American antiques, botanicals, and blue and white is a well-loved, charming combination. I'm happy Kathleen was able to share this lovely house with us.

Thank you so much for featuring one of my projects on Blue and White Monday! This client lives in Newport Beach, California, but has an East Coast sensibility.

Mrs. Client grew up surrounded by blue and white.

Her mother collected several blue and white patterns of Royal Copenhagen and her father always said, “I love any color, as long as it is blue!”

Mr. and Mrs. Client started collecting Chinese export and added other blue and white as they traveled.

A trip to Turkey opened their eyes to gorgeous Turkish platters.

Trips to England motivated my clients to buy English Transferware.

Their living room is one of my favorite places.

It opens to a gorgeous brick courtyard and it makes the space feel bigger.

The Chinese garden stools are constantly moved for extra seating during the holidays.

The big bowl on the sofa table is always filled with something- a white orchid, a mini Christmas Tree or a topiary.

The dining room also has some of their blue and white.

It opens to the living room so the blue and white help tie the rooms together!

As you peek through the open double doors you look through the Butler’s Pantry to the kitchen.

The kitchen had no doors on the back wall, so we added beautiful beveled glass so that even more blue and white could be displayed.

This is a little vignette from the kitchen.

I selected this contemporary landscape painting to be paired with the antique and blue and white so it didn’t feel too stuffy.

I also placed a blue finial on the lamp to add some fun!

While I rummaged through the boxes that had been in storage, I found a collection of stone eggs that they had found on their travels to China and Africa.

I made many finials from the eggs so that the clients can have a memory of their travels every time they turn on a lamp


Another little vignette.

This is the den where all of the football games are watched.

I was so happy to find this Cowtan and Tout pillow fabric to ties everything together.

I even managed to sneak a little blue and white into the master bathroom!

Do you see the little soap dish?

Lastly, is an Instagram shot of the master bedroom.

Who cares if the tulips block a little TV, right?!

Thanks again, Jennifer!!

I love all of your blue and white posts!

xoxo, Kathleen

A huge thank you to Kathleen for sharing her gorgeous work here -- TWICE!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Kathleen was a very busy lady with exciting things in the works.  She's recently developed an incredible system called

Return on Interiors

 which guides homeowners through remodeling and design projects.  Oh my goodness, to have had this resource for past projects would have been a game changer.  I would have been the one in control instead of the contractor. Even after all of my One Room Challenge projects, I still have things to do around here, and I will definitely be implementing Kathleen's system.

If you're an interior designer, you may also want to take a look at

Return on Interiors

. Comprehensive project management templates that you can use with all of your clients are available with your branding.  It's an incredibly thorough organizational system that would take years to develop all ready to go.  

And, while Kathleen's been developing

Return on Interiors

, she's stayed very busy creating beautiful interiors for her clients.  You can see more of her work at